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Design in Poland with Wzory Widze January 19 2015, 0 Comments

We are a small studio with big dreams and one of those is to see our designs sold
in other countries. Had you told me that Poland would be among one of the first I
would have thought it unlikely. But to our surprise that is exactly what has happend.
We recieved an email from Cezary Lisowski of Wzory Widze who clearly has a passion
for and love of design we were delighted to have hime represent our fabrics in Poland.

His online store is a treat for lovers of colour and pattern full of products from the talented
Sian Elin, Mini Moderns, Daniel Heath, Ella Doran and ourselves.

I hope to meet with Cezary in person one day soon but until then I asked him some
questions to find out more about himself and his love of design.

What started your interest in Design?
The presence of beautiful objects in the home was important since I can remember.
It was not easy at a time when my parents' generation had to choose from only a few
models of furniture imposed by communism. Fortunately, several beautiful objects
were at home with the previous generations. Conscious interest in design was born while
traveling and working abroad in Ireland, New Zealand and England. It was fascinating to
watch interiors where old items, vintage and modern coexist harmoniously; the past inspires
the present. 

Starting your own business is hard - what inspired you to take the risk?
I won’t exaggerate saying that starting own business in Poland is quite difficult and a bit
risky. It was inspired by the desire of independence and the need to share passion. Polish
manufacturers still do not offer interesting solutions when it comes to interior design
especially in field of wallpapers and fabrics. The idea was to fill this gap by offering products
of interesting designers, especially from England.

What is a typical day for you running Wzory Widzę?
Depending on scheduled meetings with architects and interior designers, every day work
includes checking/adding products, social media, advertisements and most importantly customers’
service. The big part of work is also searching for fresh inspiration on social media and fair trades.


What are your top design trends in Poland?
The trend for new designs is minimalistic furniture made from wood and/or metal. There is
also huge trend on refurbishing vintage furniture from 60’s and 70’s using designer’s fabrics
or simply plain fabrics. On top of that there is strong up cycling and recycling movement
which brings very interesting design ideas.

Which up and coming Polish designers should we watch out for?
Oskar Zięta, Witamina D Projekt, Mudo Design, ED design for fun, Norla Design



How would you describe you style in your own home?
In one word – eclectic. We have antiques, especially in our living room, vintage furniture and few modern, useful pieces. The good guardian of our home is a slightly broken figure of an angel found by our ancestors at trash.


Who is your top design icon and why?
Bauhaus environment - global thinking about planning interior design, simplicity. Discovery of forgotten branches of crafts, for example artistic fabrics.





Can you share with us your best piece of design advice?
Decorating and also designing a product we should combine knowledge, passion, imagination that
comes from our experience with moderation worthy of an ancient Greek.

Wzory Widze is certainly making its mark quickly in Poland having been featured in Elle Decoration Poland, a fabulous colaboration with vintage furniture restorers Reborn, plus their elegant new showroom ‘’Le Studio’’ has just opened in the cityof  Zgierz ( 3 Maja no.4 Street) and we are thrilled to be a part of it.


Copper Blush - Dulux Colour of the year 2015 December 03 2014, 0 Comments

Dulux announced its 2015 colour of the year last month called Copper Blush. To be honest
at first I have to admit it didn't really grab me.

“Replacing the cool blues and greens of recent years, the colour palette for 2015 brings a
warmer spectrum of pinks, reds and oranges, reflecting a more positive global outlook. 
Copper Blush – a versatile, warm copper colour with an orange tone – has been named as 
Colour of the Year for 2015.” Dulux

But I have been seeing it allover the place on blogs and Pinterest and like most colours its all 
about what you put with it.

Then I was putting one of our fabric sample books together and there it was Copper Blush in
our fabric design called Choice which we launched in March this year. 

Of course true to our Parris Wakefield style we have included a few other colours and a good
pop of bright, almost neon orange, to balance out the paler shades.

Marianne Shillingford, Design Director of Dulux advocates the use of yellow as an accent to
give the room a surprising twist and I have to agree.

So be brave, mix it up a little, use different materials like natural wood and copper accessories
but don't forget to add a pop of brighter orange or yellow x

What do you think? Will you be using Copper Blush?

Amelia's Magazine Kickstarter Campaign: 'That Which We Do Not Understand' November 10 2014, 0 Comments

We are really excited to have had our illustration selected to be a part of Amelia's Magazines 10 year anniversary limited edition gold foiled artists book.

If you're not familiar with Amelia's Magazine, then your missing a real treat so do check it out! If you are a fan of art, music, illustration pattern, colour and great creativity then it's a site I'm sure you'll love. 

The open brief 'That Which We Do Not Understand' gave me the opportunity to combine my interest in science, astronomy and nature.

The piece represents one of the big questions, how did the universe begin? why does the natural world follow the same mathematical patterns?

Is it chance or some greater force at work, that brings such order from chaos?

The geometric pattern uses the rules of the the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. Mathematical patterns that are mysteriously found in everything from from the leaf arrangement in plants, to the pattern of the florets of a flower, or the scales of a pineapple. The Fibonacci numbers are applicable to the growth of every living thing, including a single cell, a grain of wheat, a hive of bees, and even all of mankind.


Kickstarter Campaign

Amelia’s Magazine was a printed magazine for 5 years but is currently a web only magazine which does not take any advertising or sponsored posts. Therefore, in order to make this happen money is being raised through the Kickstarter crowd funding website. This is very exciting and nerve-wracking, because the entire amount of money must be raised in order to receive any of it. We therefore need to raise £12,000 (or more) in 23 days and we would love your help in doing so. 

I do hope you will get behind this Kickstarter campaign, and help Amelia’s Magazine celebrate creativity in print once more!

New Design Launch at Tent London September 24 2014, 0 Comments

We have just got back from four exciting but exhausting days exhibiting our textiles at Tent London as part of the London Design Festival.

We launched our latest design named 'Forget me not' and we couldn't have wished for a better reaction.

'Forget me not' definately passed the smile test with flying colours. As people turned the corner to our stand it was wonderful to see their faces light up witha great big smile - perfect.

Visitors not only loved our fabrics but also the whole look of our stand from the wall colour to the accessories and furniture. So here's how you can get the look at home.


The seating The Mia & Mini Mia have been designed and made In collaboration with Jane Richards Interiors.

These two striking pieces of furniture with their imposing high backs showcase our fabrics Chance and Forget-Me-Not perfectly.

The seating is all hand wadded making them incredibly comfortable and the high backs make you feel enveloped and cosy.

Mia Sofa £1,790 Mini Mia £1,500 available at Jane Richards Interiors

Forget me not cushions, compliment the fabric by the metre with larger scale element of the pattern

Large cushion 60x60cm £75, Small cushion 40x40cm £60, Bolster cushion 30x60cm £65

All available from Parris Wakefield Additions 



This large green tropical parrot is lovely to display, sitting on top of his perch. Available from Rocket St George price £42

Metallic tones in home accessories are bang on trend this season.  We used this circular copper framed mirror with its beautiful copper chain.

Available from Rocket st George price £62

Choosing the right paint colour can be a daunting task, we instantly fell in love with the new Paint by Conran range and selected Smashed Berry for the walls with its dark rich tone. Smashed Berry 2ltr Emulsion £36

Dark walls are perfect for making accent colurs really pop out like the yellow we used on the drawer unit. Dulux's Sunflower symphony 4 transformed this tired piece of funiture found on ebay into a modern statement piece.

Lighting in a room can have a dramatic imapact on the finished look, Parris Wakefield lampshades come in two sizes suitable for table lamps, floor lamps or hanging as a pendant. To add that extra pop of colour we use coloured fabric cord, once you have this in a room you will never go back to the ugly white palstic cord. There are so many wonderful colours to choose from, we get our cord from Urban Cottage Industries price £4 per metre.


I hope we have inspired you to be brave with colour and pattern

Fabric hangings at the Affordable Art Fair March 19 2014, 0 Comments

March saw the return of the Affordable Art Fair - London’s friendliest art fair, welcoming art lovers,
art connoisseurs, and art novices alike to discover affordable art by thousands of artists under one roof.
There were 117 participating galleries from all over the UK and abroad, bringing their choicest
selections all priced between £40 & £4,000.

Parris Wakefield Additions were excited to be asked to hang our textile collection on the walls of the cafe area.
We hope all those art lovers enjoyed looking at our designs while taking a break from viewing all the amazing paintings, prints, sculpture and photography on show.

textiles AFF cafe.jpeg

Our First Wallpaper Production Run June 11 2013, 0 Comments

Today is a very exciting day for Additions as our wallpapers went into production. It took a lot to find the right manufacturers to get the quality and colours absolutely right, but it was well worth the effort.

In the photo below you can see 'Bliss' being printed and looking amazing. This very wallpaper is on its way to a waterfront apartment, designed by Swank Interiors, we look forward to sharing the photos with you later.

Bliss wallpaper in production  .jpg

Thank you to Esme Lynch and everyone at Anstey Wallpapers for helping turn our designs into reality.

A Mondrian-Inspired New York Apartment April 26 2013, 0 Comments

Mondrian’s iconic Broadway Boogie Woogie inspired the home of
architect and critic Joseph Giovannini.
He re-interpreted the painting in his New York City studio apartment.
I love how these small blocks of colour make a big impact and seem to
lead you around the appartment.
Simple, effective and super cool!

Photography by:Eduard Hueber

Photography by:Eduard Hueber

Photography by:Eduard Hueber

Photography by:Eduard Hueber


Spring Wish List - top picks March 27 2013, 0 Comments

Blog&Buy sale have recently put up their spring wish list which showcases the very best creative products from independent artists & designers. We are delighted to have 3 of our designs selected, our Marthe lampshade and cushion as well as our Field large cushion. 

There are so many brilliant things getting sold by independent artists and designers, but the problem is finding them - Blog&Buy sale brings them all together in one place. With so many great things it is hard to choose, however after lots of deliberation I narrowed it down to my top 3.



I love orange and am always forgetting things so this is perfect for me.



Designed by Asta Barrington this platter full of colour and pattern would be a joy to put out on the table every time



Perfect little side table, so useful with a great little pop of colour.

Carpet Design Awards 2013 March 25 2013, 0 Comments

The Carpet Design Awards have become the focal point of the rug industry since their inception eight years ago. This year there were 214 entries from 25 countries, which made it such an honour for us, with our first rug designs, to make it to the final three in the category Best Collection: Modern. Here the judges were looking for a series of designs that worked well as a unified whole - that are strong individually in addition to working as a group commercially. 

Our designs were described as having "a beautiful rhythm to the colours and textures of silk and wool" Many thanks goes to Knot Rugs for producing our designs and to Regan McDonall for skillfully interpreting our designs and placing the silks.

CDA press spread March 2013.jpg

From all the designs that succesfully made it to the final selection my personal favourite is Magna Hildebrand's Labyrinth Teppich 3. This is a stunning rug with wonderful colour combinations, a simple organic shape, combined with inovative tufted textures.

Magna Hildebrand's Labyrinth Teppich 3

Magna Hildebrand's Labyrinth Teppich 3

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 15.42.50.png

There are definately interesting times ahead in terms of rug innovation with the introduction of laser printing, creating a photo-like experience on a rug. Take a look at the winning design in the catagory Best Innovation by Zollanvari AG.

Trompe L'Oeil : Roman Empire 5

Trompe L'Oeil : Roman Empire 5

Feather Installations March 22 2013, 0 Comments

I love these wonderful suspended feather installations by French artist Isa Barbier.
She suspends gull feathers in geometric arrangements, determining each piece's composition on site.
It is this visual juxtaposition of wispy feathers and uniform alignment that especially draws one's attention to each hanging structure's uniquely shaped components.

For completely different feather sculptures I recommend you take a look at the work of Kate MccGwire 

Photo by Jean-Louis Pitteloud

Photo by Jean-Louis Pitteloud

image from Isa Barbier website

image from Isa Barbier website

Image from Isa Barbier website

Image from Isa Barbier website

Geometric Easter delights March 18 2013, 0 Comments

Geometrics is a design trend seen on many interior products at the moment, but who would have thought this trend would extend to chocolate!
I am delighted it has - chocolatier Daniel Mercier created these precious faceted designs that are also fun with their bright colour. Definatley a break from the traditional forms of Easter.

They are almost too good to eat... almost

They are available as limited editions from La Grande Epicerie de Paris
 - If anyone happens to be in Paris and passing the store, yes please x


This film shows them being made, chocaholics look away now

Bliss Room Inspiration March 17 2013, 0 Comments

Hanging an eye-popping wallpaper behind your bed makes a statement that oozes hotel style.
Our design 'Bliss' makes a dramatic statement in a room, it's organic lines and uplifting colours go to create an interior that will always make you smile - even on the dullest of days.
Give your bedroom a coherent feel by pulling out a colour from the wallpaper and using it to create matching accents with your bedlinen and accessories
It is important to continue the bold curves and contrasting colours through on the furniture. The baroque inspired chair may look expensive but even with its hand studded detail it is a steal at £169 from the fabulous

OB-bliss wallpaper bedroom.jpg

Get the look

Small bliss(web1200).jpg
Bliss 3 600.jpg
Bliss SS.jpg

Surface Tile Trends 2013 March 16 2013, 0 Comments

The humble tile tranforms itself from a functional addition to the home to an adventurous design statement. No more plain white tiles, instead look out for texture, mosaics, contrasts and luxury materials.

surface_tiles_ed_opt6.jpg Azulej range by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina

Azulej range by Patricia Urquiola for Mutina

Marthe room inspiration No. 1 March 11 2013, 0 Comments

It has been wonderful to hear about our customers interior projects and their dilemmas, since launching our collection. One customer emailed me with her lounge colour scheme and asked me which cushions did I think would work best. Others are looking for recommendations for lamp bases to go with our shades and many would like to use a statement wallpaper, but are unsure about how it would look.

From these conversations, I decided a way to help would be to create some room inspirations, and this is my first. They are created on Olioboard which I discovered thanks to #interiordesignchat on Twitter. If you have not heard of Olioboard, I highly recommend you check them out. Also if you use Olioboard and feel inspired to create some room schemes incorporating any of our designs, we would love to see and share them - simply put a link in the comments below.

OB-Marthe wallpaper room 1.jpg

Get the look

Vitra LTR Side Table from Heal's
Vitra LTR Side Table from Heal's Heals Mistral Sofa
Heals Mistral Sofa Marthe 1 cushion
Marthe 1 cushion Field 3 bolster cushion
Field 3 bolster cushion finch arte chair in peridot green |
finch arte chair in peridot green | bailey_table_lamp_green_lb_6.jpg
Marthe wallpaper
Marthe wallpaper

Follow us on Olioboard
See more inspiration on Pinterest

Friday Fun - Mantone March 08 2013, 0 Comments

Colour trends should never be taken too seriously which is why Mantone made me smile. “Mantone” created by cartoonist Lunchbreath is a color guide for 2013 that provides “five exciting palettes for the complex modern man”. 

What's your Mantone? or ladies what's your man's Mantone?


Our bespoke lamp shade service February 20 2013, 0 Comments

If our standard lamp shade sizes aren't quite right for your room or a particular base  - no problem.
We can make you one in a size to suit your needs.
Interior designer Claire Thomas ordered a larger Garden shade which looks stunning on the elegant standard lamp base which Claire upcycled by having it flocked in vibrant green. The attention to detail
with the orange flex finishes off this real statement piece perfectly. 

"The cushions and lampshades from Parris Wakefield Additions are simply stunning. The bright, bold
and contemporary fabric designs make amazing statement pieces that are different enough from standard designs to create a real impact.
The service and turnaround was exceptional for both standard and bespoke sized items."
Claire Thomas - Thomas Haycock Interior Design

Please contact Sarah Parris if you would like more information about our lamp shades
or wish to discuss a bespoke size.

bespoke shade Thomas Haycock.jpg

Windows Of New York by Jose Guizar February 16 2013, 0 Comments

This project is part an ode to architecture and part a challenge to never stop looking up. A great reminder to us all to look around and see the beauty in the every day.

A new window is added every week.
To see all the windows so far go to

617-9th.png 94-bank.png 199-e-4th.png 186-sullivan.png

Light artists illuminate London's Hayward Gallery February 05 2013, 0 Comments

A fantastic exhibition - a real must see.
'Light Show' spans generations of light-obsessed artists, from Dan Flavin's early investigative neon works through to Leo Villareal's sparkling new shower of LEDs 'Cylinder II', the dazzling face of the exhibition.

Light Show runs until 28 March at London's Hayward Gallery

'Chromosaturation', by Carlos Cruz-Diez, 1965-2013. Courtesy of the Cruz-Diez Foundation. Photography: Linda Nylind

'Chromosaturation', by Carlos Cruz-Diez, 1965-2013. Courtesy of the Cruz-Diez Foundation. Photography: Linda Nylind

'Rose', by Ann Veronica Janssens, 2007

'Rose', by Ann Veronica Janssens, 2007

'Cylinder II' (foreground), by Leo Villareal, 2012. Courtesy the artist and Gering & López Gallery, New York

'Cylinder II' (foreground), by Leo Villareal, 2012. Courtesy the artist and Gering & López Gallery, New York

Woven Walls by Wies Preijde February 04 2013, 0 Comments

Dutch designer Wies Preijde has created these hand-woven 'walls' of thread to create spaces that look as if they've popped off the page.

The semi-transparent partitions come in an array of pale colours, and are designed to overlap and create new patterns and colours. The result produces an oddly holographic effect, says Preijde who hopes they'll one day be in your home or office.

img06-wiespreijde-130767_full.jpeg img03-wiespreijde-130757_full.jpeg

Colour Me Beautiful - Pop House February 04 2013, 0 Comments

What a wonderful house
A petrol green staircase, a canary yellow luggage lift, pink kitchen
cupboards… the polychromatic highlighting of interventions in a
monochromatic space portrays a journey from minimalism to abstraction.

Portuguese architect Pedro Gadanho says “I was exploring the notion
that instead of using colour to enhance a surface plan as Le Corbusier
used to do, it would be objects that would be coloured,” continues Pedro.
“If you look at the house, there is no wall that is painted in colour. It’s
always specific moments, objects – almost sculptural objects – that get the colour.”

64.jpeg 48.jpeg 30.jpeg 20-2.jpeg

Winter wallpaper download December 18 2012, 0 Comments

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Wrap your screens up with a little festive cheer by downloading our
free wallpaper

Please click the links to download the version you require

Screen 1680 x 1050
Laptop 1024 x 768

For Screen and Laptop, Ctrl or right click to use as Desktop
For iPad & iPhone add to Photostream and set as wallpaper


Ziehharsofika, Meike Harde - stretching the limits of upholstery... November 20 2012, 0 Comments

Meike Harde re-invents and improves cushioning by taking a flat piece of rubber/foam matting and reshaping it with the use of elastic bands.


Read the full article with more images on We Heart

zieharsofika1.jpeg zieharsofika3.jpeg zieharsofika8.jpeg

British Vogue - Deck the Halls November 18 2012, 0 Comments

It's not everyday you get an email from British Vogue, but that is what was in my inbox in September when we were travelling down to London to set up our stand for TENT 2012.  
We were only just launching and already we had been spotted by Vogue, and they wanted to show our cushions in their magazine. Its not quite your full on editorial piece, but a more modest advertorial - needless to say we were still very excited, an opportunity to be in Vougue for Christmas is not one to turn down.

We were delighted when we opened the page to see that Vogue had placed us top of the list of the feature Deck the Halls... stylish seasonal inspiration!

Over the next couple of months you will also be able to spot us in GQ, Elle Deco and Homes & Garden

dec12_vogue + Deck the halls (600).jpg

Great Music by Me & My Drummer November 07 2012, 0 Comments

Here in the studio we've been repeatedly listening to You’re A Runner by Berlin duo singer/keyboardist Charlotte Brandi and drummer Matze Pröllochs. It’s an uptempo, folksy tune that starts off slowly and then builds to a swelling finale. It’s from their debut album The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey.