Joy Division + -

Where did the title + - come from? What was the influence? In 1988, Factory Records released
the Joy Division single 'Atmosphere' from the compilation 'Substance' - the inner sleeve showed
a detail of 'Plus en Min' by Jan van Munster.

Naturally, in 2010, during the discussions over titling the forthcoming Joy Division compilation,
we were drawn to the 1988 release as inspiration. Calling it 'Substance' was too close a title to
the original release, however, titling it '+ -' was an acknowledgement to the 1988 release as the
newly remastered track list was the same.

As part of the Deluxe box set, Peter Saville was asked to create a piece for inclusion.
Originally there was a notion that a new 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' metal plate be created,
but the cost was too prohibitive. However a perspex interpretation of the + - was more
appropriate as the glow edge referenced the + - image from 1988.

To replicate the orange glow, a choice of two colours were available - Lava Orange or Mars Red.
For cost and timing issues, Mars Red was selected.

Regarding the recent Pitchfork story about Teenbeat (the label) and +- (the band) who are
suing for trademark infringement and plagiarism. We find this very strange, as the band admit to
being influenced by Joy Division. Yet they are comparing their artwork (2002 album +-) which
clearly appears to be influenced by the 1988 Joy Division imagery. Is this a stunt? Enough said.