SPW's latest design for the Penelopes

We had quite a challenging brief from The Penelopes. They were obsessed with animals and surrealism, but they also wanted it colourful and upbeat. However animals in surreal situations, with human-like attributes can quickly descend into the macabre.

One illustrator, Malika Favre, stood out as being able to achieve their vision; by 'visually translating their collective subconscious' - sexy, edgy and quirky. This was coupled with a logo based on the the font 'Dear John' which complimented her graphic style.

Listen to Now Now Now
The Penelopes - Now Now Now by thepenelopes

NewOrder Reform for Benefit Gigs

The news was announced on Monday by 6Music that NewOrder, who last played in November 2006, will reunite with Gillian Gilbert for two new gigs. However they will be performing without Peter Hook.

These gigs will be in Brussels, at the Ancienne Belgique, on the 17th of October and in Paris, at Le Bataclan on the 18th of October. They are benefit shows in aid of the renowned artist and film producer Michael Shamberg. He produced several of New Order's music videos, including the Brit Award winning True Faith, Touched By The Hand Of God and Regret. Shamberg has been struggling with a debilitating illness since 2005.

The Gig posters and logo have been designed by Howard Wakefield. The design is intended to capture NewOrder without being archival, he wanted to convey a new NewOrder for these gigs. By using the font Meta, which has been described as a complete antithesis of Helvetica, it signals a NewOrder that is looking forward.


Bizarre Love Triangle, directed by Robert Longo, produced by Michael Shamberg. 1986

Suede at the 02

What an amazing performance from Suede at the O2 last week. We were delighted to get a call requesting some images from the albums that Howard worked on - Coming Up, Sci-fi Lullabies and Head Music. One of the images was of a test shot for Head Music - projected on stage it did look great.

The fun continued at the after show party where it was great to catch up with Neil Codling who clearly was enjoying touring with Suede again 

Suede live on stage at the O2. Backdrop image: previously unseen Head Music test shot by
Howard Wakefield and Paul Hetherington.
Image Source

Photography Paul Khera


The question here is what was going on just off camera?